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Dunkin’ Holiday Blend coffee (2021 Holiday Menu Review)

Dunkin’ kicked off their 2021 holiday menu including their Holiday Blend coffee on Wednesday, November 3rd along with the full holiday menu including old favorites and all-new offerings.

Dunkin' Holiday Blend Coffee

Long time Dunkin’ fans will be thrilled to see the Peppermint Mocha Signature Latte is back but one of the simpler new editions is the Holiday Blend medium roast coffee which we review below. For straight coffee drinkers, is it worth a switch from their standard blends?

What is Dunkin’ Holiday Blend coffee?

Dunkin’s Holiday Blend Coffee is a medium roast blend with hints of dark molasses and dried fruit. The Holiday Blend is part of Dunkin’s Limited Batch Series.

You can purchase a medium Holiday Blend coffee for just $2 from November 3 through December 1 at participating Dunkin’ locations. After December 1st the price will be the same as one of their standard coffee blends.

Dunkin’ Holiday Blend coffee review

The first sip of a fresh Dunkin’ Holiday Blend reveals a much more bitter taste than their regular blend. This bitterness is coupled with a hint of molasses but we didn’t get the ‘hint of dried fruit’ that appeared on the drive-thru menu board as a descriptor. Our large Holiday Blend coffee included 1 sugar and 4 milk. In a nutshell, it is a more bitter cup of Dunkin’ coffee. There really isn’t much to this blend that actually makes you think of Christmas or the Holidays. The promised molasses, which one would consider a sweet taste, is well overshadowed by the darker roasted, bitter flavor.

Who would like Dunkin’ Holiday Blend coffee?

Those that like a darker, more bitter roast will enjoy the special Holiday Blend off the Dunkin’ 2021 Holiday Menu. If a milder, smoother cup of coffee is more your style we recommend sticking with your regular Dunkin’ blend.

Video Review & First Impression

Don’t take our word for it. Check out this video review recorded on November 3rd, the day the Holiday Blend became available at most Dunkin’ locations nationwide.

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