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No more early morning walking for seniors at Eastview Mall: Doors will not open until stores do

Eastview Mall will not be allowing walkers before the shopping center opens. Mall management said starting November 1 doors will open to the public when the stores inside open.

They spoke with News10NBC who said that it comes down to staffing.

“Mall walkers are always welcome at the Wilmorite malls. We encourage walkers to come during mall operating hours so that no additional staffing or expenses are incurred. Opening early requires extra staff, particularly during the winter months. There have been no issues or complaints at The Mall at Greece Ridge or The Marketplace Mall where this policy has been in place for more than a year,” Wilmorite officials told News10NBC. “We understand that the senior citizens that walk at Eastview would prefer the mall open early for them but staffing is an issue that every business is facing now and we hope that the community continues to support our efforts to provide a safe and free place for them to walk.”

Seniors are disappointed with the move. It means Eastview will open at 10 a.m. Monday through Saturday, then at 11 a.m. on Sunday.