Polls show climate change effects matter to Americans; President Joe Biden leaves White House for climate summit

The number of Americans who appear to believe that climate change issues the world is facing are a problem has increased over the last few years.

6 out of every 10 Americans believe global warming from climate change is happening quicker.

A recent poll also shows that 55% of Americans would like cleaner energy. Only 16% of Americans oppose it.

Some Americans are sitting back watching, feeling frustrated because the warnings were there, but climate change has already arrived.

In 2018 only 49% of Americans felt strongly about climate change but today that number is up to 59%. 54% say their opinions on climate change take into account what scientists are saying and 51% say their opinion is based on the extreme weather events they have witnessed.

In just 60 years the pollution in the air has raised the global temperature by 1.7 degrees, resulting in the extreme weather.

The poll found that 52% of Americans are willing to pay $1 dollar more per month as a carbon fee to help fight climate change.

President Joe Biden is set to meet with the U.N. to attend the climate summit.

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