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Interactive map shows what will happen to coastlines over time as climate change continues to impact sea levels

A new interactive map shows coast lines and what they may look like in the future thanks to climate change.

IHE Delft released the map Oct. 11, and people can now check to see sea level changes, flooding, and waves that could change shorelines.

According the map, by 2050 Ocean Beach in San Francisco will barely exist, and neighborhoods that are close to sea level may be ruined. A simple shift could put them underwater.

If the shoreline changes too much, that means waves could become bigger and closer to homes and stores along beaches as well.

Coastlines are eroding quickly, and millions are being paid to help stop the shoreline from falling into the ocean.

There are 5 million Americans that live less than 4 feet above the high tide marks on the coasts at risk of losing their homes.

Check out the map here.

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