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Biden administration reverses ruling and allows abortion referrals to family planning clinics again

Abortion referrals to family planning clinics are no longer banned following Monday’s reversal by the Biden administration.

Now clinics are able to refer people seeking an abortion to providers, and many facilities that had left due to former President Trump’s rules will be returning.

Planned Parenthood is among them, however, they do not like a condition of the rules that allows clinicians against abortions to not provide referrals.

The administration defended their decision by saying it was in accordance with the federal law.

Under Trump’s ruling it was made so abortion services could not be paid for with the funding clinics received from the government for family planning.

Now that it has shifted, many groups against abortions feel frustrated that taxpayer dollars are going to the service when it had been separated from family planning under Trump’s administration.

At the moment many states across the country are at odds with abortion policy as states like Texas make them illegal.

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