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How did people get ivermectin prescribed to them? What about the lawsuits over the controversial COVID treatment?

Many New York residents took it to court when they tried getting their loved ones with severe COVID-19 a prescription for the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin.

While some were denied, others won the lawsuit. Many were able to get the drug through out-of-state professionals that offered virtual medical care with package deals.

One doctor out of Orange County named Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, and a nurse practitioner wrote prescriptions for the drug.

The drug is not FDA approved for COVID-19 treatment, but is used in some scenarios for parasitic worms, head lice and skin conditions.

In total in New York, 14 lawsuits were won but many did not end up using the ivermectin because the patients died or recovered.

Also prescribing ivermectin for people in New York was a nurse practitioner with Synergy Health DPC named Brian Weinstein. He offered packages online for COVID-19 treatment, including for ivermectin.

Dr. Michael Turner, a Washington-based physician also offered online services and wrote scripts for the drug.

Other doctors offered scripts as well, and most were online through holistic websites.

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