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Governor Kathy Hochul signs a package of bills to help diminish recidivism among formerly incarcerated people

Last week Governor Kathy Hochul signed a package of bills that will help formerly incarcerated individuals.

There are four bills altogether, and they support individuals that have served their sentences. By aiding them, the chances of recidivism are less likely. Recidivism rates are incredibly high in New York State.

Hochul stated that incarcerated people are stripped of their rights even after they’ve paid their debts to society. The bills she signed both support former incarcerated people while maintaining the safety of society.

The first bill will allow those that have served their sentence from a felony serve as the executor of a family estate if necessary.

The second will allow formerly incarcerated individuals to do things like work overtime or night shifts without violating parole.

The third allows parolees to file protests against work-related labor conditions.

The last bill makes the process easier for people who served prison time to get certificates issued by DOCCS to show they haven’t reoffended since leaving prison.

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