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Local attorney works to obtain court orders on a national level to administer the legal use of ivermectin

A Buffalo attorney has been working tirelessly in his crusade to help families save their loved ones from COVID-19 by giving them ivermectin.

The lawyer, Ralph Lorigo, helped someone that wanted to give their 80-year-old mother on a ventilator the drug back in January.

After getting a judge to provide a court order and the drug was administered to the woman, she recovered and left the hospital.

He’s since handled over 100 cases and has a team of 4 other lawyers to help with the cause.

He says he has worked 7 days a week for 7 weeks trying to get families the information they need.

He had a case recently where the same judge that approved his first court order refused another one, and the woman died.

Lorigo stated that the public has a negative opinion on the drug due to the CDC and FDA’s statements, and said he has never advocated for someone buying the drug at a store for animals and taking it.

He gets the court orders legally so clients are taking the drug properly under medical supervision.

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