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Gas prices are the highest they have been in years

Gas prices have gone up across New York State by about $1 a gallon in comparison to this time last year.

The cost of crude oil has increased greatly and Russia and other countries in control play a role in the increase.

COVID is continuing the trend of inflation through the fall, a season that normally sees a decrease in gas prices.

The use of gas greatly diminished during the worldwide shutdown as people traveled less due to the pandemic.

The demand has started to increase now that the restrictions are lifting, but the supply of gas cannot keep up.

Gas is slightly more expensive in New York at $3.424, with the national average at $3.319.

Locally, prices are as follows:

  • Monroe County: $3.406
  • Ontario County: $3.422
  • Steuben County $3.420
  • Tompkins County $3.432
  • Oneida County $3.431