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How many health care workers in New York lost their jobs for refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Governor Kathy Hochul has officially released the numbers for healthcare workers that lost their jobs after refusing to get the vaccine by the deadline of the mandate Sept. 27.

In all, around 34,000 workers lost their jobs or were suspended.

20,500 of those workers were in the home health industry.

The mandate pushed around 55,000 workers to get the vaccine the week before the mandate took effect.

A federal judge recently ruled in favor of workers applying for religious exemptions, and that should also help with the crisis as those workers return to work after being put on leave.

8,600 (2%) workers remain inactive in hospitals, 4,081 (3%) remain inactive in nursing homes, 777 (3%) remain inactive in adult care facilities, and 20,5000 (8%) remain inactive in the home care field.