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Some Americans were overpaid unemployment and continue to receive bills to pay it back after already paying

A man from Florida received unemployment when he needed it most and was grateful. By June he realized he was sent to much and returned $517 of it.

However, he worries that Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity won’t stop coming after him for money until his credit is ruined.

Robert Cornwell told WFLA he would think the DEO would care more about getting people to return to work, but they seem to care more about debt collections.

After sending the $517, he was sent a bill for $275 he did not feel he owed.

He was unable to get in contact with the DEO, so he paid it to protect his credit.

But then he received another bill. He still could not get in touch with the DEO.

The secretary of the DEO, Dane Eagle, expressed understanding and said the collections have been suspended.

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