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8 tips to help you find your family tree

Family is undoubtedly the most important thing in a person’s life. No matter whether you are as small as a toddler or a senior citizen, the love and affection of a family is something everyone needs at some point in life. The search to learn more about your ancestors, the thirst to get answers to questions like who they were, from where they came, and so on develop over time in conversations with relatives or while surfing through the family albums. Do you want to find your family tree too? Before you set off to do the detective work of uncovering the family history, make sure to have a look at these 8 tips to help you find your family tree with total ease. Continue reading!

  1. Decide Your Goal

When you take up a task as big as finding your family trip, one of the first steps to proceed is to set a defined goal from what you are looking forward to unveiling from this investigation. In other words, starting the detective work of finding your family tree with a specific question such as What is my family lore, does my family history has some unique story, where exactly does my family come from, or whether you just wish to research about a certain member, and so on will assist you in gaining clarity while doing the research work. Setting a research goal will help you set a path forward, preventing you from not veering off to other discoveries you find along the way.

  1. Organize the information You Already Have

Before going forward on the journey of finding your family tree, another tip that may come handy in the future research work is to organize the information you already have properly. Once you have finalized your goal, the next step to do is to go through the things you know. For instance, two standard tools which are usually opted for recording family information are pedigree charts which visualize your lineage back through previous generations and family group sheets which help in organizing individual families as groups.

  1. Resort to Filling Free Templates Online

If you are someone who is new to the whole research work thing, it may get difficult for you to make charts or organize information all by yourself. Hence, another helpful tip to help you find your family tree is to take help from the internet. You can find several free downloadable templates on the internet for the same. The National Genealogical Society also offers such templates. When you fill the form, instead of getting overwhelmed with so much data and information, start by filling out the small details that you know like names, relationships, date of birth, major life events, etc. of your close relatives and immediate family members. Then you can start investigating family documents and heirlooms.

  1. Interview Your Family and Close Relatives

Sometimes it happens that we think that we know everything about our family, but there are still some details and instances that get left out. When you have taken a job like finding your family tree, all of these small details and instances become all the more important as they can aid the process. Hence, once you start organizing your information and filling out the forms, you will get to know what type of information may help you in finding your family tree. So, the best way to know more is by reaching out to your family members. Talk to your close relatives in groups or individually, any way which seems convenient to you. Prepare a questionnaire in advance and don’t forget to record your meetings or jot the important details of the interview clearly. Sometimes exploring the old photographs with family and relatives can also help identify the subjects.

  1. Dig in to the US Census

You may or may not know but the U.S. Census can prove to be a very useful tool in finding your family tree. The census is one very vast database that includes vital data like names, places of birth, family relationships, addresses, and more of thousands of people. However, this is one major and tedious commitment that will require you to invest long hours and lots of effort. While the records are easily available through the U.S. Census Bureau and National Archives and Records Administration, but it can still be a hard task. Moreover, it is recommended that you go through as many census years as you can to eliminate the possibility of any misrecorded information.

  1. Ask For Help When You Need It

Undertaking a job as hard and unique as finding your family tree is no joke. It requires immense research work, time and effort. Hence, it is natural if you feel that sometimes the pressure is getting too much. It is at this point of time that you ask for help. There is no harm in asking for help when you need it, especially if it could quicken the process up. There are plenty of websites these days that help people to discover their family trees online with total ease such as Ancestry, Access Genealogy, RootsWeb, FamilySearch,Olive Tree Genealogy, and many more. There are two ways you can proceed with discovering your family tree. Firstly, by going through billions of records and secondly via uncovering your ancestry through DNA.

  1. Take on the Historical Context of Research

One name is all it takes to start a family tree, but the more you add the more you can enhance your family narrative. Every name tells a different story. Going through the historical records can help you understand your ancestors better. It is understandable that going through local, national and international historical records can be pretty time consuming. Hence, we have a smart tip for you to find your family tree with a lot more ease. Resort to sites like Ancestry for help. All they ask for is any information that you may have about your family, not necessarily facts, even guesses help. Then depending on the information provided, they go through billions of records to find the one that matches your description. Follow each and every potential discovery closely and watch your family tree prosper and blossom.

  1. Keep on Working to Grow the Family Tree

One thing you need to remember about discovering your family tree is that genealogy can be a lifelong hobby. With the tips mentioned above you can obviously make some great discoveries about your family and ancestors, but with genealogy there is always a possibility to find something new. Hence, it is recommended that you give it time and take it one step at a time, thereby letting history to unveil itself gradually. Take help from the online genealogy websites, and keep on working on finding your family tree slowly and gradually for the best results. Best part? It doesn’t cost much either. There are some websites that allow you to make your family tree for free or at minimal cost. At Ancestry, you can start building your family tree for free and for enjoying more services, you can get their inexpensive membership which starts from the price of $18 only.

Finding the family tree is an intimate and important matter for a large number of people. Don’t let the excessive data and expensive agencies scare you from discovering more about your family. Resort to these 8 tips to help you find your family tree easily, conveniently and affordably. Keep discovering!

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