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Mosquitos are breeding at an incredibly high rate this summer, and the weather is why

Lately people have been noticing a larger amount of mosquitos in their day to day lives, and there is a reason for this.

The weather has created the perfect environment for mosquitos to thrive.

Humidity, heat and moisture are what mosquitos need. If it’s too dry they are less likely to thrive the way they have been, and with the steady flow of rainy weather the Finger Lakes has seen, there has been a major uptick.

Still water provides the perfect breeding ground for mosquito eggs. Pools, streams and ponds are great but things outside that catch rain like kiddy pools or empty cups can provide the perfect place for mosquitos to grow within four days.

Mosquito breeding can be prevented by dumping out still water from places it collects outside, changing out bird baths or fountains, and keeping pools treated and clean.

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