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What do potential employees look for when researching companies?

Potential employees today are looking for a multitude of things to determine whether a company will be a good fit for them. Salary is a big one, but more than just money applicants are looking for security, positivity and a moral compass that matches their own. Let’s hear from some business leaders who have discovered a few things about this process. 

Potential Hires Will Look at Everything 

Eric Wu, Co-founder, COO Gainful

Potential employees will certainly be stalking your company, especially if they really want to see if they will be a potential fit. They will find testimonials on your company, whether through your website or other means, on how satisfied customers and employees are both with the company, and those can make a good or bad first impression. While many potential employees will dig into your company, it’s harder to shake a bad impression than winning people over with a good impression. 

Benefits are Huge

Derin Oyekan, Co-Founder Reel Paper

Benefits are a big plus for any applicant these days. I would advise employers to look into health plans and other benefits you can offer to part-time employees. It may sting to bite the extra cost, but in the long run you’ll be grateful for the types of candidates you’ll attract. In the long run, supporting your employees goes a long way for the longevity of your company. 


Jenn O’hara, CEO Soba Recovery

Potential employees look for stability when researching companies. They want to make sure that the company they choose to work for is stable financially and isn’t undergoing any major problems such as high turnover. A stable company usually has a robust online presence and positive reviews on sites like

Company Culture goes a Long Way

Maegan Griffin Founder, CEO and Nurse Practitioner Skin Pharm

I think that one of the main things people look for when researching companies during the job hunting process is the personality of the company. Though they cannot fully know the company just from internet research, observing the company’s website and social media platforms is a good start. From examining the tone of the web copy and social media captions as well as any pictures of current employees on the job, potential employees will have a better idea of whether they might be able to fit in with the work environment of this company based upon how the company brands itself online. Companies should be true to themselves and this should show in their online branding; this way, the right candidates will apply to work there. 

DiSanto Propane (Billboard)

Solid Web Presence 

Tim Mitchum, Founder WinPro Pet

A solid internet presence matters to some potential employees. Companies that are active on social media share a lot about themselves. This can help job seekers determine if the company will be a good fit for them. 

A Company That Matches Values

Yuvi Alpert Founder/CEO Noémie

Many candidates want to see how they align with your company’s mission, brand, and if it’s an environment they can see themselves working in. Regardless if it’s remote or in the office, they will be spending many hours of their life contributing their talent toward your company’s objective. Using sites like Glassdoor, prospects today can retain information on prior employee experiences. Yet, delving further into the social media of the company and discovering their philosophy will give more understanding in terms of the approach, the target market, and how the company is perceived versus how they view themselves. Employees want to go for a company that they can grow with. Be mindful of incentives and development programs to establish an environment appealing enough for a qualified candidate to invest their time and energy in.

Employee Testimonials

Michael Fischer, Founder Elite HRT

In the research phase, it’s common for people to start with the basics: company website, LinkedIn, and other social media outlets. People also look at Glassdoor for reviews from previous employers, to get a better understanding of the pros and cons of working for the company. If there are overwhelmingly negative, even overly positive, reviews, it can indicate red flags for the potential employee. If the reviews are too negative, it’s clear that the company is not a good place to work, but too many positive reviews can appear as if the company is hiding something. 

Understanding of Work-Life Balance

Jordan Smyth, CEO Gleamin

Job searchers look for organizations that offer a work-life balance. In the modern world of remote work, some employees end up spending more time on work-related tasks than enjoying their life. Companies that offer a flexible work schedule contribute to a positive work-life balance. 

Travis Killian Owner and CEO Everlasting Comfort

Potential employees want to know about real experiences that other employees have had with companies. It’s important to read online reviews, which will help paint a picture of what to expect if hired. This is why it’s imperative for companies to monitor these reviews, and to always try to part ways with team members in a professional manner.

Comprehensive Benefits 

Dr. Anthony Puopolo, CMO REX MD

Potential employees look for a company that offers comprehensive benefits. Things like health insurance,  401k, and even gym memberships all appeal to job searchers. Offering great benefits shows that a company values its employees. 

Positive and Inclusive Environment

Vincent Bradley, CEO Proper Wild 

Potential employees look for companies that create a positive and inclusive work environment. They want to know that their skills will be put to good use and that their employers will have confidence in them. They also want to know that leadership supports them each step of the way. 

Paid Childcare Leave

Bari Medgaus, COO Stabili Teeth

Something that a lot of applicants will be searching for is whether you can offer time off. I think it serves every company to be family oriented and offering some type of paid leave for child care goes for miles in this economy. Consider working this into your benefit plan and you’ll be a much more attractive employer. Many companies don’t offer that, it will put you ahead of competition. 

Value Your Employees

Randi Shinder, CEO SBLA

Job seekers look for companies that will have their back and value their contributions. Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Companies that treat their employees well will attract high-quality talent. 

Thorough Job Descriptions

Amber Theurer, Chief Marketing Officer ivee

When people are job-hunting, they look for a thorough, and for many, exciting job description so that they have more information to work with to help them decide if they want to apply for this role. Key elements of a job description that people may search for are the hours, the location, any benefits, the tasks of the role and the vibe of the workplace. Make sure to include things like this that people may be looking for so that you can attract candidates that are truly interested. 

Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

Salary Isn’t Everything

Jared Zabaldo, Founder USA MM

The days of salary requirements being the only factors under consideration when looking for new employment are long gone. Instead, many people are looking for an inclusive company culture, and a new work environment where they would be comfortable, happy and engaged. As a company, be sure to divulge this information to all new applicants, including features like an open-door policy, room for growth and more.

Values and Ethics

Fred Gerantabee, CEO Foster Grant

Job searchers look for a company that shares the same values as them. An LGBTQ+ person might choose a company that is openly equitable to them. Someone who values conservation efforts might want to join an environmental organization. 

Living Wage

Kiran Gollakota, Co-Founder Waltham Clinic

Potential employees are definitely going to be looking for a wage they can live by, but there is some flexibility with raw salary if you can offer benefits and contract renegotiation. At the end of the day, people are looking for a company that will show them they are valued. 

Remote Work

Frank Slootman, CEO Snowflake

A big thing that employees are taking in consideration is whether they can work remotely or if your company is located in an affordable area. Consider if any of your jobs could be done remotely, at least partially. Employees are realizing that commuting is expensive and along with benefits, this can be a great draw if it’s something your business can offer. 

Security and Longevity 

Michael Yang, Founder Many Chat 

Potential hires are looking for security and longevity more than anything. Most of the people applying for jobs now are millennials looking for something permanent. Structure upward motion in your company so that potential employees can see that you can offer that for them. 

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