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Hospitals in Central New York are beginning to see results from the spread of the Delta variant

The number of cases are rising across the country, partially due to the Delta variant of the Coronavirus, and Central New York is seeing a direct impact.

Currently, seven patients are being treated at Auburn Community Hospital and while that number appears low in comparison to earlier times during the pandemic, it’s a significant jump in a short period of time.

Dr. Paul Fu says that the number is drastically higher than a month ago and there were times when they had no patients infected with the virus at all.

The demographics of these seven patients are older people with underlying health conditions.

Fu added that there has been a substantial increase in the number of younger people testing positive for Covid-19, specifically unvaccinated young people.

Kathryn Pagliaroli with Oswego Health agrees with these findings.

Though their hospitalizations are low, their ER is seeing more patients of younger ages.

She says it’s people in their 30’s-50’s that are being hospitalized due to Covid-19.

St. Joseph’s Health Hospital currently has nine patients which has doubled from last week.

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