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Altcoins: A new dimension to cryptocurrency

In simple terms, altcoins mean alternative coins to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the largest and most renowned cryptocurrency. Bitcoin takes about 60 to 70 percent of the crypto market, leaving only 30 to 40 percent to the other coins. However, as big as Bitcoin is, it cannot make big bucks for people unless they are big companies.

Bitcoin cannot yield profit as it did for those that invested in it decades ago. The only way new investors can get such profits back is through altcoins. Many people hear more about Bitcoin, and they do all their trading and investment in Bitcoin. However, they always end up with the complaint that the profit isn’t high enough.

However, it is not the profit that is not high enough; it is the investment that is wrong. Yes, Bitcoin controls the bulk of the crypto market, but a pump in an altcoin can make you a millionaire overnight. Most altcoins are still at their beginning processes. And this is the right time to make an investment that could yield as huge profits as Bitcoin had done for those that had invested when it was at its starting point.

You should, however, note that not all altcoins will yield profits for investors. This means that investors must be cautious in choosing the altcoin they would love to invest in. It would even be best to use trading bots such as and Pionex to monitor the altcoins. This is because these altcoins are projects in progress, and they are very unpredictable. However, some of the following steps are to be taken by investors before investing in any altcoin.

Investment Targets

One of the first things to do before investing in any altcoin is to create altcoin investment targets. It would help if you looked into the project coins that catch your attention. To determine which altcoin you want to invest in, you must have a list of altcoins that you would like to invest in. Some Altcoins are just booming; for instance, Ethereum, Dodge, Safemoon, XRP, and many more. You can narrow your investment targets to some specific altcoins that caught your fancy, and that’s when the next stop comes in.


As an investor, you cannot just invest in any coin that catches your fancy. For your benefit, you need to research the altcoins you have narrowed down as your investment targets. Do your research before jumping into investing in any coin. Various platforms have said a lot about tokens and coins, which might not be accurate. However, there are some excellent platforms where you can get trustworthy information when you are doing your research about altcoins.

  • ICO Drops: This platform would give you everything about any coon that you want to know. You will even be given history dating back to the pre-investment period of the coin.

  • Binance Research: Binance has a research wing that provides all the information you need on any coin, and the information provided is genuine.

Doing your research gives you the correct information you need on altcoins. And from the information that you would get, you will be able to decipher which altcoin would be best to invest in.

Crypto Exchange

Another thing that is very important before you buy and invest in any altcoin is for you to check out the best crypto exchange to buy those coins. It would amount to nothing if you have narrowed down your research to certain coins and you can’t find them on a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange.

Many traders use Binance as their exchange platform, but you cannot find all altcoins on Binance. Some other exchange platforms are trustworthy and have a plethora of altcoins available.


Bitcoin has given its interest to the single trader or investor. It would be challenging to make huge profits on Bitcoin, except for big companies with big money. However, that doesn’t mean that single traders or investors can’t make money in the crypto market. The altcoins are the next big thing in the crypto market. Make sure you tap in now that there is time.

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