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Owner of lakeside pub will have to re-bid on his own business after state funded cleanup

After surviving the COVID-19 pandemic, a Webster pub is going to have to fight to survive moving forward- and it has nothing to do with the pandemic, or its consequences.

Webster Town Supervisor Tom Flaherty told News10NBC it’s an unfortunate situation, but one that is unavoidable.

Bay Side Pub has been around for many years, and is a staple in the community. They are located in a flood prone area along Lake Road- and the Town of Webster received state funds to make upgrades to the property.

The problem is that the existing Bay Side Pub structure will need to be demolished- and rebuilt. That might not sound like a problem- but state bidding requirements will force an open bid on the property- meaning anyone will be able to step in to purchase.

The current owners will be able to bid, but won’t have any inside track on the property they’ve owned for over a decade.

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