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5 heartfelt gift ideas for the mother of the bride

Your mom has been there for you since the day you were born. She’s your biggest cheerleader, your best friend, and has been incredibly supportive throughout the years.

In a few weeks, she’s about to take on a new, very special role: the mother of the bride. As you and the love of your life set out to be married, you want to give your mom a special gift as a way to thank her for all she has done — including helping with all the wedding planning.

Here are five meaningful gifts from the heart that your mom is sure to love:

1. A Beautiful Bracelet

For a mom who loves to wear bracelets, she will adore a lovely piece of jewelry that can grace her wrist on your wedding day. For instance, this Kendra Scott Ott bracelet is the perfect combination of stylish and femininity. It comes in 14K rose gold, 14K gold, or rhodium-plated metal with cubic zirconia accents, so you can choose the metal to complement her other jewelry.

2. A Personalized Tote

Your mom is always on the go and is never without her water bottle, iPad, smartphone, book, makeup, purse, and, well— you get the idea. Indeed, whether she’s headed to work or the grocery store, she tends to have in her possession a handful of necessities. To help keep everything safe and secure, gift her a personalized gift like a snap tote in a beautiful print. Have her name or something sweet like “Mom” printed on a chic leather name tag to make the tote extra special! If you and your beloved will be moving to another city or state, you can also encourage your mom to use the tote as an overnight bag when she visits you at your new home.

3. A Fancy Coffee Kit

Before heading out the door with her packed tote, you know your coffee-adoring mom loves to enjoy a latte or two. With caffeine being the secret weapon that allows her to accomplish so much, you undoubtedly want to help her brew gourmet mugs of Joe. To do this, create a coffee kit that includes a French press from Sur La Table and which comes in a variety of colors and sizes, all of which are countertop-worthy. Add a couple of bags of her favorite coffee or espresso beans — and maybe a mother-of-the-bride mug that she’ll use for years to come.

4. A Mother-of-the-Bride Robe

Your maid of honor has already given you an incredibly plush “Bride” robe that you’ll wear on the morning of your wedding as you get ready. If your beautiful mom is joining you for the pre-ceremony pampering, by all means, get her a robe worthy of mother-of-the-bride status. Opt for a color that matches your bridesmaids’ dresses or simply a shade you know she loves; either way, she will enjoy being “robe twins” with you on your big day.

5. A Gift that Says “I Get You”

Maybe your mom is dying to attend a game of her favorite NBA team or she’s mentioned she would love to have some new clay pots in which to plant her favorite flowers. Regardless of her interests, show your mom that you’ve heard her wishes loud and clear by getting something she has long pined for but wouldn’t necessarily buy for herself. With NBA arenas reopening and welcoming a select number of fans for each game, you should easily be able to find some good tickets online. Perhaps some beautiful Wine Wall Art? Conversely, if you want to go the route of new clay pots, stop by a local home improvement retailer and buy some gorgeous pots, along with some flowers, potting soil, and other gardening accessories. Ultimately, your mom will be touched that you paid attention to her longtime wishes and gave her such a thoughtful gift.

Give Big Thanks to Your Mom — She Truly is the Best

Your mom is one incredible woman, and you don’t know what you’d do without her. Your getting married is the ideal excuse to give her a meaningful gift that she’ll love and treasure for years — which is exactly the same way you feel about her.

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