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KanPak: A global company with roots in Penn Yan

Yogurt is big business in New York State. New York is the #1 yogurt producer in the country. Many people are familiar with Chobani Greek Yogurt, well known in NY for its facility in the Southern Tier region of the state. But you may be surprised to hear that another fan-favorite yogurt brand, Siggi’s Icelandic skyr yogurt is also made in NY. Siggi’s is owned by Lactalis, the world’s largest dairy company.

Skyr is similar to Greek yogurt and is made by mixing cultures with milk and straining out any water. It yields a thick and slightly sour taste, with less sugar and more protein than traditional yogurt. Siggi’s makes yogurts with milk from family farms in Upstate New York and Wisconsin. Their products don’t contain any artificial sweeteners and they only use milk from family farms who do not use growth hormones like rBST.

Here’s where we meet KanPak, a specialist in the contract manufacturing of aseptic specialty products based in the Finger Lakes. KanPak put down roots in Penn Yan in 2014 when it acquired the manufacturing plant that was originally built in 2010. Aseptic food manufacturing includes a processing technique where thermally sterilized liquid foods are packaged into previously sterilized containers under sterile conditions to produce shelf-stable products that do not need refrigeration.


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