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Can you get the COVID vaccine if you forget your insurance card? What if you don’t have insurance?

If you’ve gone through the process of making a COVID vaccine appointment lately you probably recall the things it tells you to bring.

The first is pretty obvious, it’s your driver’s license or identification. This is so those working at the clinic can verify who you are when you show up.

That said, the confirmation messages attached to county and state clinics also ask for insurance cards.

What happens if you forget it, or don’t have one?

We reached out to officials in Seneca and Wayne counties, who told us that even though it’s prompted- it’s not required. There is no cost associated with getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Counties are simply billing insurance providers for those who are insured for administration of services.

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Last month we reached out to the state Department of Health to inquire about uninsured New Yorkers. They never responded to our inquiry about how many uninsured New Yorkers had been vaccinated, or what the statewide policy was for those individuals.

However, the health department officials we spoke with in Seneca and Wayne say that even if a person does not have insurance- the vaccine is free.

At Wayne County clinics they ask that individuals fill out a sheet of paper if they do not have their insurance card with them. If they don’t have insurance- they can note that on the sheet- and no further action is required.

Vickie Swinehart, public health director in Seneca County, said no action is required at their clinics, as it’s all covered through various state and federal programs.

All of the officials we spoke with agreed: Insurance should not stop individuals from getting the COVID vaccine. They encourage all individuals to sign-up for appointments as they become available in their community.

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