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How to get subscribers on YouTube – Grow subscribers

Did you know that one billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day? There are endless choices of video content to watch on the platform. People are now watching YouTube videos more often than they are watching television shows.

YouTube has become more than an online entertainment venue for watching videos, though. Now it is a platform for video content creators to promote their brands and businesses to a worldwide audience. The best part is the platform is 100% free to use.

However, do not expect people to come pouring into your YouTube channel after you upload videos to it. There are hundreds of millions of videos on YouTube, so it is difficult to make your videos stand out amid the competition. Fortunately, it is not impossible.

If you want to gain YouTube viewers and convert them into subscribers to your channel, you need to learn about the very best strategies for accomplishing this objective. The number of YouTube subscribers is what determines every channel’s level of success.

Once you gain enough subscribers, your videos will start to rank better in the YouTube search engine. Then you’ll see viewers and subscribers coming to your channel on their own. But first, you must buy YouTube subscribers to get your new channel off to a good start. You will learn about that and more as you continue reading.

Below are the top 10 ways to get subscribers on YouTube and grow your channel.

1) Buy YouTube Subscribers

When you have a new YouTube channel with no traffic or views, it will be the most challenging point for you as a video content creator. If you want to save yourself months or years of promoting your channel, you can more YouTube subscribers to quick start your success.

Content creators can choose whether they want their subscriber count to be shown on their channel. We recommend you do not show the subscriber count until you have purchased at least one thousand subscribers. Many YouTube users will subscribe to a channel if it already has thousands of subscribers because they will think it is a good channel.

Remember to choose a reputable vendor. A lot of newbies do not know the best place to buy YouTube subscribers. That is why they end up buying subscribers that drop off their channel after a couple of weeks. If you choose the wrong vendor, you could end up with subscribers from fake accounts. The best vendors will always sell subscribers with 100% authentic accounts.

2) Create a Niche

You’ll notice that many successful YouTube channels revolve around a particular niche. Some channels are devoted to traveling, cooking, family vlogging, video game reviewing, bodybuilding, and so on. People are more likely to subscribe to a YouTube channel that revolves around a niche they love.

If you create a niche-based YouTube channel, it allows you to target a specific audience or demographic interested in your kind of content. Don’t worry, though, because millions of people love videos in each type of niche. You can easily attract those people if your videos entertain or educate them on your niche topic.

3) Enable and Reply to Comments

Each YouTube video has a comment section underneath. Viewers can use the comment section to post their thoughts, feelings and questions about your video content. YouTube gives content creators the option of whether to activate or deactivate the comment section on each video. We recommend you keep it activated.

The motivation to turn off comments is understandable. There are a lot of mean people who might post derogatory comments about you or your videos. But you will also get a lot of positive comments too. You cannot ignore your audience no matter what they might say. It is the only way you can improve your videos and produce better content in the future.

Another reason to enable comments is so that you can reply to comments. It creates more engagement with your videos and gives your audience a chance to communicate with you on a more personal level. That is how you turn casual viewers into subscribers.

4) Buy YouTube Views

Can you buy YouTube views? Many content creators ask themselves this question. The quick answer is “yes.” If you can buy subscribers, why not purchase views for your videos too? It can be a fast and easy way to boost your videos’ rank and possibly convert the views into subscribers.

The YouTube algorithm weighs heavily on the total views of your channel and videos. A channel with a low number of views will not get ranked high in the YouTube search results. It is the biggest obstacle for anyone to get over when they start on YouTube. Purchasing your views will speed up the promotional process by increasing the paid traffic and organic traffic to your channel.

Just remember that buying YouTube views won’t work miracles. You still need to produce high-quality video content to convert the views into subscribers. The conversion won’t take place automatically. As long as you’re getting authentic views from real people rather than from bots, you have a good chance of converting your paid traffic.

5) Create a Subscribe Button Watermark

YouTube gives you the option to put a watermark on the bottom right corner of all your videos. You’ll have the freedom to upload a small icon image to serve as your videos’ watermark. Most people would upload their brand logo or some company-related image as their watermark. But what you should do is upload the image of a YouTube subscribe button instead.

Every YouTube video has a subscribe button underneath. It is a mostly red button with the white “Subscribe” text in the middle. You could create a similar-looking version of that subscribe button and turn it into a small icon image. Now upload the image and make it the watermark of your channel’s videos.

When people see your videos in the future, they will see the subscribe button watermark on the lower right-hand corner of them. If they click the watermark, a pop-up menu with the real subscribe button will appear. All they have to do is click that button, and they will get subscribed to your channel.

6) Post Up New Content Regularly

You might accumulate thousands of YouTube subscribers to your channel, but don’t expect them to stay forever if you don’t post up new content. Many content creators become complacent after generating 10,000 subscribers by thinking they don’t need to work hard anymore.

On the contrary, the hard work must not stop after you accumulate 10,000 subscribers. In fact, you need to work twice as hard to keep them happy with your content. It is the only way to keep your existing subscribers while attracting new ones at the same time. The content must come at least once or twice per week.

Don’t feel pressured to post every day, though. It is still important to balance the quality and quantity of your videos. If you can produce a few good videos per week, it is enough to retain your subscribers and keep them engaged with your content.

7) Share Videos on Social Media

YouTube makes it very easy to share your videos on other social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. Post the URL link of your YouTube video into a Facebook or Twitter message box, and the video will automatically get embedded into it.

Each time you create a new YouTube video, share the embedded video on your social media channels. That way, it can be seen by all your friends and followers on these other channels. If they are not subscribed to your YouTube channel yet, perhaps your videos will motivate them to do so.

Don’t forget that friends of friends can also see your posted video content. That means you have the opportunity to attract new people to your YouTube channel every time you share videos on social media. Even though these are untargeted people, they could feel compelled to watch your videos if they come from a friend of a friend.

8) Enhance the Production Quality

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of creating high-quality videos to increase your audience’s engagement with your channel. But what does it mean to create a high-quality video?

It is not enough to create niche-based content. You need to make your videos visually and auditorily pleasant as well. If you have it in your budget to enhance the production quality of your videos, then it would be a wise investment.

Surprisingly, the camera quality is not as important as the lighting and stability of your captured content. If you have the latest iPhone smartphone, its camera is just as good as most digital camcorders sold on the market today.

Your investment should go into purchasing studio-quality light equipment, a tripod and a green screen. Of course, if you want to go all out and invest in a 4K digital camcorder, then it certainly would not hurt to do so.

9) Create Playlists for your Videos

YouTube makes it easy for content creators to organize their videos into different topical playlists. Since a niche-based channel is still going to have various subtopics of the primary topic, it is wise to place similar videos into the playlists. This makes it so much easier for subscribers and new viewers to find the content they like the most on your channel.

When you place videos into a playlist, you can arrange the order to appear from top to bottom. We recommend you have the most popular videos at the very top so that you can capture people’s attention. If they like those videos, they’ll feel compelled to check out the other videos down on the list.

If they have not subscribed already, they are bound to subscribe after they’re finished watching the videos on your playlist.

10) Insert Call-to-Actions in Your Videos

Most content creators don’t even realize that YouTube lets you add call-to-action elements at the end of your videos. If you’ve ever seen those little video thumbnails play at the end of other people’s videos, you will understand this feature already.

YouTube gives you four call-to-action elements that you can create for each video. You can choose to promote the subscribe button, a link to an approved website or another video, playlist, or channel on YouTube. If you want to add more than one element to the end of each video, you can do that too! The call-to-action end screen elements can appear during the last 5 to 20 seconds of your videos.

On the other hand, if you’d rather add elements to other parts of your videos, you can use the YouTube cards feature. It is a similar promotional feature that lets you add elements to your videos. Aside from promoting videos, playlists, channels, and links, you can also use YouTube cards to promote polls and a charitable cause for donations.

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