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Lake Friendly Living week coming this may to the Finger Lakes

The Lake Friendly Living Coalition of the Finger Lakes announced the inaugural Lake Friendly Living Awareness Week, which will be held May 2 through May 8.
With the common mission to protect water quality, this collaborative effort by seven Finger Lakes will educate and engage watershed residents, local governments, and businesses to adopt practices that will help protect and preserve our lakes for sustainable water quality, recreational use, and tourism. The week of events will include multiple free resources and virtual education sessions with experts discussing topics related to lake friendly living practices, from citizen science efforts to sustainable vineyard management.

“The Finger Lakes region has always been one of working together to advance important services for the betterment of the community,” said Margie Creamer, President of the Finger Lakes Regional Watershed Alliance. “Lake Friendly Living Awareness Week is another example of how working together can increase impact beyond what any one organization can do alone.” Keynote speakers for the informative webinars will include landscaping expert Doug Tallamy and Camille Marcotte, a Water and Ecology Educator for Cornell Cooperative Extension. All sessions are open to the public with pre-registration.
A calendar of events and speakers can be found by visiting
Residents and businesses are also encouraged to show their support by Taking the Pledge to incorporate lake friendly living practices into home and/or business activities. They can also serve as Lake Friendly Living advocates by posting yard signs provided by the associations. In addition to webinar registration, provides links to each of the lake association websites and online resources to help residents learn more.