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Schuyler Hospital receives $5,000 donation to purchase air contamination unit

Schuyler Hospital has received a sizeable donation to pay for a portable dust containment unit.

The unit helps to contain airborne contaminants.

The Spycor Environmental Minti E-C-U 4 is a collapsible portable unit that helps isolate air contamination.

A $5,000 donation went a long way to helping the hospital obtain it. The Local 277 Carpenter’s Union made the donation, and expressed their gratitude for what the hospital has overcome in the last year.

“We selected Schuyler hospital to donate a full containment unit that maintenance and facility can use to protect patients while they are in the hospital if they have to do in-house maintenance work,” said Fred Swayze, Council Representative Local 277 Carpenter’s Union.

The hospital is pleased, too.

“This donation from the Carpenter’s union is amazing! It really showcases the community support we’ve received over the last year and before then. This is so necessary and a wonderfully generous gift,” said Tiffany Bloss, Director of Schuyler Health.