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4 steps to a clean leather sofa

Leather sofas make your house have a more classy look than other couches you will find in furniture stores. They last longer than fabric couches. With proper maintenance, they can retain their beauty and aesthetics for many years. They also hold their value for longer. If you want to sell your used leather couch, you will get a considerable amount of your money back.

However, to retain your sofas’ value and beauty, you need to clean them regularly to remove all the elements that are likely to degrade your sofa. To clean leather couches, here are some of the few things you will need:

With all the items in place, you can incorporate some important steps that will enable you to clean your leather with ease and maintain perfection. The steps that you will follow to clean your leather sofa are discussed in detail below.

1. Vacuum Clean Your Leather Couch

The first step involves vacuum-cleaning your sofa so that you can get rid of all crumbs and loose debris. You will also dust it to remove lingering dirt that has accumulated.

Leather sofas are usually easy to clean, and by vacuuming, you’ll realize that most of the dirt around your sofa has been removed. You mustn’t forget the underside and the recliners because they are known to accumulate a considerable amount of dirt if the sofa isn’t cleaned regularly.

2. Clean the Stains

With the fiber cloth and warm water, which is mixed with a sufficient amount of soap, you can easily remove all the stains that can be seen on the leather, especially on the cushions and the undersides. You need to be very careful to avoid interfering with the integrity of the leather material.

There are different types of leather that are easily affected by soap and continuous rubbing. To remove grease, you need to use baking soda while at the same time observing all the necessary measures to avoid wear and tear.

3. Dry the Sofa

This is one of the most important steps in cleaning your leather couch. Most people forget this important step only for them to damage their couches by allowing the sofas to dry on their own.

Water is known to weaken leather so you must make sure that you completely dry the leather. A dry fiber cloth will enable you to dry all the water on the surface and from the leather’s underside.

4. Use Commercial Leather Cleaners

The purpose of commercial leather cleaners is to wipe the remaining dirt and make your leather look new. Most of the commercial leather cleaners are sprayed rather than being applied on the couch.

However, you have to ensure that all the spray marks have been removed to avoid unwanted marks on your clean couch. It is recommended that you wipe your leather using cleaners from top to bottom to avoid uneven cleaning patterns.

Buy professionally approved chemicals to avoid destroying your expensive couch. Chemicals containing alcohol, which are not prescribed for leather cleaning, are harmful and can easily corrode your sofa.

Work With Professional Cleaners

Even with the steps discussed above, you may still find it hard to clean your leather sofa to achieve a new look. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining leather is best left to professionals who have been cleaning leather products for many years. Besides knowing the right chemicals to use, expert cleaners know how to handle your sofas, and you will not find any breakage or weaker parts that need repair after a premium cleaning service.

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