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How to improve Google Play ratings

Uploading an app to Google Play is only the beginning. You need a strategy. A unique icon, clever description, and positive feedback will help you get to the top. Discover four keys to success in 2021.

Play Store optimization is a multi-factor process. Developers of iOS apps cannot simply replicate the same techniques. Learn about recent changes in rating calculation on and ways to leverage them. This is a complex endeavor — use our tips for better results.

  1. Comprehensive Store Listing

This element is crucial, as it affects the visibility of your app. The better it is — the more users will see your product in their search results. There are four components: title, description, promotional text (in older versions), and keywords.

The title is the first thing users notice. It must be clever, unique, and searchable at the same time. If you have adapted an existing app to Android, you can alter the title a bit to boost searchability. For example, the inclusion of “fly” before “Delta” makes the ticket booking app more discoverable. The name must be concise, but it should also communicate what your company does.

The description is just as essential. It must highlight the value delivered by the product. Insert keywords, but do not go overboard. Be truthful but avoid restricted content triggers like ‘gambling.’

  1. Look and Feel Graphics

You cannot get to the top with poor aesthetics. The app icon, images, and screenshots are all important — they help your product stand out in search results. Look beyond generic colors.

The icon must be inviting, bright and unique. The screenshots should accentuate the best features of the app. Remember that Play Store is also accessible from tablets, so the graphics must look perfect on bigger screens, too.

  1. Expand Your Audience

The more diverse your target audience — the more downloads you will get. Machine translations of listings are flawed. From the Google Play Developer Console, access Store Listing settings and go to the translation management feature. The tool allows you to purchase translations, or enter the text manually. Remember that keywords for your own country may not work abroad.

  1. UX and Feedback

If the user experience is poor, nobody will utilize your app. Make sure its performance is up to scratch, so the tone of reviews is positive. Praise is crucial for your ranking. If your app does not bring value to the audience, they will not use it, so there will be few or only bad reviews. Encourage users to leave feedback through special plugins — it is more convenient and efficient.

The Bottom Line

The Google Play Store has more downloads than App Store, but it is also a highly competitive environment. The more downloads you get — the higher your position in the ranking. Make your icon stand out, include the right keywords, and deliver an excellent user experience. All these elements are vital for success.

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