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Fulton: Small cities like Auburn deserve better, should not have to contend with MLB drama

Bill Fulton recounts the history of Minor League Baseball clubs in cities across the U.S. It’s an important look back- as cities like Auburn see new options coming to life- amid changes with MLB affiliation.

“Baseball is an important part of ‘place’, cities, and civic pride,” Fulton writes in a piece published on Medium. “But over the winter, the powerful owners of MLB franchises dealt a serious blow to cities across the country- eliminating many professional minor-league teams, including the one in my hometown [Auburn].”

Fulton explores the tale of what happened to the Auburn Doubledays and looks at the system. His answer: These clubs should be liberated from MLB control. “Smaller cities deserve better,” he adds.

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Fulton was previously a guest on the FL1 Daily Podcast, talking about his piece on Urban Renewal in Auburn and similar cities. [Click here to read & listen]