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Seneca Nation must pay $435 million in back revenue to state, local governments

The United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that the Seneca Nation of Indians must pay approximately $435 million in back casino revenue payments that it owes to state and local governments as part of an agreement that gives the Seneca Nation exclusive rights to operate gambling casinos in a multi-county region of Western New York State.

In 2017, the Seneca Nation stopped payments to the state and local governments because of a dispute with New York State over the terms of the agreement. The Senecas believe they are no longer obligated to make these payments.

According to a transcript from February 22, 2021, New York State Budget Director Robert Mujica said, of the $435 million owed, over $100 million is owed to local governments.

As part of the multi-county region under the agreement, Livingston County could receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in casino revenue payments currently in arrears.

According to Livingston County Administrator Ian M. Coyle, “We applaud the Second Circuit Court of Appeals for its ruling. This is positive news for Livingston and the other counties owed these back payments. These revenues are rightfully due the counties in the exclusivity zone.”

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