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Newark CSD superintendent talks about new job, future progress for district

Susan Hasenauer has taken over as superintendent of schools in the Newark Central School District.

It’s a big move, but one that she says will be all about keeping the district ‘moving forward’.

“Teachers and administrators everywhere have had to pivot quickly and learn many new things and employ many new strategies to meet the diverse needs of their students during this time,” Hasenauer said in a press release. “Parents and families have had to do likewise, including readjusting their lives and schedules to support home learners or those with varying school schedules. As a parent of two school-age daughters, I’ve experienced some of the difficulties. The only constant is that nothing has stayed the same and things continue to change regularly.”

Progress and communication will go hand-in-hand under her leadership.

“My ultimate goal is to continue moving the NCSD forward,” she continued. “I have no intention of losing sight of the values that focus on ‘Every student, Every day.’ In fact, I am looking forward to hearing how people have adapted and changed to meet the needs of all students while simultaneously hanging onto the traditions that make Newark amazing.”

She says progress will be easier to achieve if the district is honest with parents and the community. That means leaning into effective communication measures.

“I believe communication is critical and needs to be reciprocal. I will be asking for feedback in a variety of listening and learning activities with internal and external stakeholders to help me gather critical information about the needs of students, educators, families and community members. I know many have COVID fatigue and when this is over, I want to ensure that students, staff, families and community members feel engaged. Working together, we will keep students and staff safe and while successes may be gauged a little differently during these times, I believe by having a reliable compass in hand, we will be equipped to take on anything as a team and continue down a path of success and healing.”