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Cayuga Lake Wine Trial celebrates success of ‘Wine of the Month’ series

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The Cayuga Lake Wine Trail launched a “Wine of the Month Series” campaign in 2020 to showcase the different wines the region excels in. Each month, participating Cayuga Lake Wine Trail member wineries feature a different vinifera wine ranging from Cabernet Franc to Riesling and everything in between.

In previous months, the participating member wineries explored Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Franc, and Dessert-Style wines. Continuing this trend, the participating member wineries are talking all things bubbles! The CLWT website features an in-depth history on how Sparkling wines came to fruition, as well as a comprehensive list of the many ways Sparkling Wine is produced. The website also lists the different offers and promotions you can find at the participating wineries throughout the entire month of February. Find out more about the Wine of the Month Series and participating winery offers at:

“Going into this month, I have an entirely new viewpoint on Sparkling Wine,” said Katherine Chase, Executive Director of the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail. “Up until now, I’d really only consider buying a Sparkling Wine when I was celebrating something, but after learning about its deep history and how involved the process was to perfect it, I feel like it’s existence alone is celebration enough to drink it every day! It also pairs surprisingly well with a variety of foods, making it much more versatile than it first seems.”

The Cayuga Lake Wine Trail wineries are safe and remain in compliance with the various state rules and regulations. Those still open and offering tastings are seated, snacks are served with the tastings or flights, and additional cleaning routines have been set in place. For further information on individual winery offerings and hours of operation, the Wine Trail has many up-to-date resources on its website to help you plan your trip: