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7 houseplants for those whose windows face north

It is believed that apartments with windows on the north side are not very suitable for plants – it is always dark and cool. With poor lighting, plants stop growing normally and are very elongated, and the color of the leaves becomes pale, which is critical for succulents, for example. But the poor placement of the apartment is not a reason to abandon plants at all.

The northern windows are either not illuminated by the sun at all, or it is there only for one or three hours a day. If you decide to put tropical plants here, you can’t do without additional lighting with fluorescent and LED lamps. You should also be more careful with watering. Since there is not always enough light and the soil does not have time to dry, watering should be reduced, especially in late autumn and winter. In summer, the plants are best watered in the evening, at this time the water is absorbed into the soil, not evaporates. And in winter, on the contrary, in the morning.


There are numerous different kinds of hostas. They vary in color and size, which allows choosing one meeting your preferences. It is unpretentious, undemanding to the place of growth, easily sprouts, and takes root in a new place. If you decide to look for hosta plants for sale, choose only healthy ones. This will allow you to grow a wonderful plant. And thanks to the many different shapes mentioned above, the hosta can be also used in any garden arrangement.


If you want a little tropics in your apartment, then hamedoreya is perfectly suitable for the north window. One of the least picky palm trees, unfortunately, grows up to 1.5 meters. It can be placed both on window sills and in dimly lit places, such as on a desk or bedside table. Unpretentious in care, the main thing is not to overdry and do not water it too much.


At home, it grows slowly, feels good in dimly lit places, does not like the stagnation of water. If you dreamed of a large plant in an apartment or house, the varieties “Janet Lind” or “Craig” are perfect for windows in the north.


It loves frequent spraying. Be prepared that it needs high humidity, without which the tips of the leaves begin to dry. In spring and summer, one spray in two or three days with warm stagnant water is enough, and in the cold season, it is better to do it every day – heating usually dries the air in the apartment.


Never place it on a windowsill where the sun is always shining, otherwise, the plant will start to wither and drop leaves. The worst thing for it is a sunburn.


One of the main features of aspidistra is that it is resistant to shade. Aspidistra grows well and develops in places with a polluted atmosphere, and also tolerates low indoor air temperatures.


It belongs to a genus of ferns. Quite an unpretentious plant and also a very beautiful one. Care is similar to Nephrolepis.

Try buying one of the above plants, and your even north-side windowsill will look great.

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