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MELISSA KILLELEAGH: Cornell Thomas on making most of progress in 2021 (podcast)

Last week, I caught a conversation during our inauguration day started by Cornell Thomas on Clubhouse (love this platform, by the way!) entitled “Your party sucks, UBUNTU.” I’ve always known Cornell as a source of motivation and positivity, and so the message intrigued me. He was simply shining a light on what 2020 has taught us – our systems are broken but the people still have power. However, what became clear last year is that fear took hold in many hearts and households while mainstream media fed into an ever widening divide in our country – over our politics, masks, and vaccines – but we can take the power back with timeless principles like UBUNTU, meaning “I am because we are.” While we may not change the system overnight, this change begins at home and in our communities with the simplest of actions.

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