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Halftown Lacrosse brings professional expertise for kids to Finger Lakes community

For the Halftown’s lacrosse runs in the family and is all about giving back.

Lee, Kori, and LeRoy Halftown have been playing the game since they were young kids, and the passion they have for it hasn’t faded. Kori and LeRoy followed in their father, Lee’s footsteps in caring deeply about the game they grew up with. Growing up in a small town called Versailles, near the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation, Kori and LeRoy picked up lacrosse around three years old.

The Reservation had a youth club team that was called Newtown Minor Lacrosse. This Organization traveled and played other native reservations and communities in New York and Canada.

LeRoy was even drafted into the National Lacrosse League in 2018. He was picked by the Georgia Swarm in the 2nd round of that draft. He’s currently signed with the New York Riptide for the upcoming 2021 season.

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Beyond playing the game, they are teachers of it, too. In 2018, LeRoy Halftown was approached by Mike Kurdziolek about the possibility of running local camps. All four have roots in the Finger Lakes area, and after that conversation they got to work. Halftown Lacrosse LLC was officially launched in June 2019.

“Halftown Lacross has been growing faster than expected,” the Halftown’s told The spring lacrosse season was shut down due to COVID-19, but they focused on keeping players active and safe. “It has been challenging but we know we are not the only ones affected by the pandemic,” they added. “We have gone from monthly camps to weekly training sessions.”

Looking ahead to the spring – all four are excited. “We don’t plan to stop any time soon,” the Halftown’s added.

Kurdziolek said that from his experience with the Halftown’s – lacrosse is more than a game. “They live it,” he said. “They are a great resource to have around the lacrosse community here in the Finger Lakes. Not every town has local professionals willing to give back to the youth. The goal is to see our local players have success on- and off- the field. It’s still a small enough sport to offer great opportunity and Halftown Lacrosse is here to help in any way for young people.”

To stay up to date with the latest from Halftown Lacrosse visit their website by clicking here.