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What happened to your USPS package? Customers report major issues as Christmas approaches

If you have a missing package heading into Christmas – the US Postal Service is asking for patience.

For weeks, officials with USPS have been warning about the prospect of delays. And now many are reporting delays or lost packages in the days, and hours, leading up to Christmas.

While 13WHAM-TV reported that some local residents are seeing packages ‘stuck’ in local sort facilities – others tell us that packages have simply ‘disappeared’.

“It said my package was in Mississippi, then it just stopped,” one frustrated customer told us. She showed us the tracking page, which shows that it was received at a facility there, scanned in, and then – nothing more. “Does this mean I’m not going to get it?”

Another frustrated shipper, said the same thing happened to him earlier this year.

Brandon Astile, a Wayne County resident, says he received a package he ordered in the spring, when USPS was short-staffed due to COVID-19 about a month after it was supposed to arrive. “The shipping information never updated,” he said. “I had basically given up hope, and it arrived.”

He said that the local post office didn’t have an answer for him, but said that issues like that can happen. “They said handlers knew where the package was supposed to go – it was just a matter of getting it there, and that was the priority,” he said of the last explanation he got from a callcenter rep with the USPS.

However, for those waiting for packages ahead of Christmas – none of this is good news.