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Bloomfield cemetery does green burials as natural alternative

The East Bloomfield 1838 Cemetery is doing something different. They are offering a more natural experience for family members to lay their loved ones to rest.

Paul Hudson, who serves as president of the cemetery association tells The Daily Messenger that the green burials are a natural way for family members to go through the burial process.

What does that mean?

“Return the body to the ground and back to nature,” Hudson told The Messenger. A permanent wildflower reserve has been planned for two years.

Bodies that are buried in this natural way do not have the complication that a normal burial brings. No embalming, expensive caskets, or headstones are necessary. A simple wooden or biodegradable covering is all that’s used.

And family can keep the ceremony personal – by conducting their own. A small plaque is installed at earth level. The space will be ‘forever wild’ meaning humans will not have an impact on the space.