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Crash Course #381: Year End Part 1 (PODCAST)

CRASH COURSE #381: Year End – Part 1 (podcast)

Chris Marquart, host of the Crash Course Podcast opens the floor as part of the Crash Course 2021 Year In Review special episode..  Recapping 2021 with questions from the live chat on the 2nd to last episode of the year. Happy Holidays! ... MORE
Crash Course #380: Impact In Studio (PODCAST)

CRASH COURSE #380: Impact in-studio (podcast)

Kristi and Devon Germain were in the neighborhood, and drop by to talk about the happenings with Impact Motorsports. Jeff Schoeman checks in by phone and we talk with Ron McClung about the re-launch of Billy Bash. ... MORE
Crash Course #379: Youth Movement, Abbati, Stacey (PODCAST)

CRASH COURSE #379: Youth Movement, Abbati, Stacey (podcast)

Mason Stacey ran to second in the overall Unified Point Standings and Terry Abbati took third as the youth drivers finished in the top 10. We catch up with Mason and then Terry to talk about the year, the points chase and ... MORE
The Final Round #098: Jeff Jackson Jr. (PODCAST)

THE FINAL ROUND #098: Jeff Jackson Jr. (podcast)

Jeff Jackson Jr. joins us for the latest episode of The Final Round Podcast on FingerLakes1.com. ... MORE
Crash Course #378: Steven Sickles (PODCAST)

CRASH COURSE #378: Unified Point Series Champ Steven Sickles (podcast)

Unified Point Series Champion Steven Sickles talks about the busy 2021 season and his run to the championship. ... MORE
Crash Course #377: Wurth, Cheesy, Stringer, Smith (PODCAST)

CRASH COURSE #377: Wurth, Cheesy, Stringer & Smith (podcast)

A whirlwind two weeks has brought us here. We will catch up with Cheesy and Mike Wurth of TBL. Wurth made the final shot to help TBL win the National Bracket at Blizzard Bash. We will catch up with Stringer, who had ... MORE
Crash Course #376: Blizzard Bash is here at last (PODCAST)

CRASH COURSE #376: Blizzard Bash is here at last (podcast)

We take a hot lap around the country as drivers scramble to rebound from last-minute setbacks on the eve of Blizzard Bash 2021. Guests include Mike Schmidt, Tory Heid, Ryan Sonaglewski, Corey Ludington, CJ Barnes and Smash It’s Tim Clark. ... MORE
The Final Round #96: Back on the Air! (PODCAST)

THE FINAL ROUND #96: Back on the Air! (podcast)

After a busy fall, The Final Round Podcast returns as Chris Marquart and Jason Oldfield catch up on all sorts of family and life happenings as we get ready for a more regular drag racing schedule through the end of 2021. ... MORE

CRASH COURSE #375: Sean Porth, Steve Lahnen & Bo Lockwood (podcast)

Sean Porth ventures into the deep waters with his first Blizzard Bash build. We follow up with Steve Lahnen, a WNY regular who struck gold in the wire class at Buried Alive II, and finish with Bo Lockwood, who scored the $15,000 ... MORE
Crash Course #374: Lockwood, Koch, Buried Alive

CRASH COURSE #374: Lockwood, Koch, Buried Alive (podcast)

Bo Lockwood joins us to look ahead to Buried Alive II this weekend and we touch base with TJ McCullough going into the event in Cumberland. We finish by chatting with Kody Koch; Koch Promotions have the Turkey Derby and Battle at ... MORE
Crash Course #373: Gulley, Guy (PODCAST)

CRASH COURSE #373: Jeremy Gulley & Frankie Guy (podcast)

Jeremy Gulley joins us to reflect on 2021, and the $100,000 donation to Team Sanfilippo in hopes of helping research a cure for MPS Type III. We also follow up with Frankie Guy as the Hard Core Season closed at the end ... MORE
CRASH COURSE #372: Laine Frerichs & Jeff Clark (podcast)

CRASH COURSE #372: Laine Frerichs & Jeff Clark (podcast)

Returning tonight, we will catch up with Laine Frerichs to recap his championship clinching run from the weekend. We will also chat with Jeff Clark, who finished a busy 2021 campaign with success. ... MORE
Crash Course #371: McCullough, Roman, Pagel (PODCAST)

CRASH COURSE #371: T.J. McCullough, Cory Roman & Jason Pagel (podcast)

Chris Marquart and Brian Tomkins catch up with T.J. McCullough, fresh off his win at the Iron City Nationals. The win pulled down $10,000 and a Championship belt. Cory Roman won the Big Wayne Kicker Class at the Iron City Nationals, his ... MORE
Crash Course #370: Tom Woodbury, Iron City Nationals (PODCAST)

CRASH COURSE #370: Tom Woodbury & Iron City Nationals (podcast)

Your host Chris Marquart looks ahead to the Iron City Nationals this weekend in New Alexandria, PA and then catches up with Tommy Woodbury as DNA Motorsports prepares for the Green Mountain Fall Bash. ... MORE