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170,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine coming to New York’s nursing homes, healthcare workers

There are 170,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine on the way to New York.

On Wednesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo said that it would focus the distribution of the vaccine to frontline healthcare workers and people who live in nursing homes.

The vaccine that will distributed first in New York is that produced by Moderna and Pfizer. It requires a double-dose.

Cuomo says it will take approximately 75-80% of the population to be vaccinated before the state and economy can return to normal. He said that it could be September 2021 before that happens.

“The good news is the vaccine is in sight,” Cuomo said during the briefing. He admitted a lot of public awareness would have to be drummed up, to show New Yorkers that the vaccine is safe.

The Governor also received heavy criticism for handling of the pandemic with regard to nursing home policy in the spring.

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