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Officials say there’s little they can do after Trump sign prompts outrage in Weedsport

A sign supporting President Donald Trump is raising eyebrows in Cayuga County.

Less because of the sign-owner’s support for the President, though. It has to do with a curse word that appears in the center of it.

“Trump 2020 F— your feelings,” the sign reads, which is a flag attached to a post on a piece of property along North Seneca Street resulted in concerned residents and media coverage.

Municipal leaders in the area told some of those concerned residents that there isn’t much that can be done.

Officials in Brutus and Weedsport have heard about the sign and subsequent complaints, but given that the sign is on private property – there isn’t much that can be done.

The Auburn Citizen spoke with a number of local residents who were disappointed in the sign being able to remain up. Most took issue with the language used on the sign, as opposed to the sign’s support.

“I can see the village of Weedsport is going to do everything in there power to make me remove my sign on private property … my taxes are paid up to date 100% why don’t they do something better like fill in the potholes or fix the properties that are eyesores unlike my property,” property owner Tim Marks said in a posting on Facebook.

Credit: Kelly Rocheleau of The Citizen