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Will there be a deal? Questions loom as Congress gets back to work on stimulus

Congress is back at work, but the big question for many relates to a second stimulus bill.

Will one come in the next several weeks? Or will deadlock continue to grip the Senate and House?

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The House will be back in session next week. Meanwhile, the Senate returned on Tuesday. Another recess is expected from early-October until after the election. However, that leaves four weeks for accomplishments to be pushed forward.

“Republicans and Democrats have big differences,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said. “But they should not stop us from agreeing where we can and making law to help Americans through this crisis. Working families cannot suffer more because Democrats think their pain helps them politically. The Senate is going to vote.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Tuesday the chamber would soon vote on a slimmed-down Republican coronavirus relief bill that focuses on health care, education, and the unemployed.

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However, a vote doesn’t mean it will become law. Democrats are expected to prevent it from passing, since it does not include a vast majority of the things they wanted to see included.

The Republican bill includes a $300 weekly enhanced unemployment benefit, and more funding for small business loans, child care funds, and $10 billion for the U.S. Postal Service.

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