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Unemployed New Yorkers won’t get any extra federal benefits unless Congress passes stimulus package

If you are among the unemployed in New York who thought that President Donald Trump’s unemployment boost of $400 would mean more money in your pocket – Governor Andrew Cuomo dumped cold water on it Wednesday.

He said that the state will not be requesting the money from the federal government to fund unemployment through FEMA dollars. It means no extra benefits for those on unemployment.

Through July the federal government was providing $600 per week extra to those who were unemployed. President Trump signed an executive order intended to put an extra $400 in unemployment benefits – but there was instant resistance.

States were required to put up 25% of the $400 benefit. That’s when some thought that New York would instead give $300 to those who are unemployed over the roughly $500 max on state benefits.

“You cannot get water out of a stone, that is a fact and we have a $14 billion dollar deficit, and we can’t pay for it,” Gov. Cuomo said.

FEMA clarified, pointing out that they will allow states to count existing unemployment payments toward the 25% share, so unemployed workers could still get $300 more per week.

News10NBC reporter Jennifer Lewke asked Governor Cuomo about the situation, pointing out that there would be no additional cost to New York to offer the unemployed an extra $300.

“I don’t know what the feds most recent decision is, I don’t know that any of it is legal. I don’t believe the whole executive order mechanism is legal. So, I think this is all an artificial construction for political reasons, Cuomo told News10NBC. ““State’s abilities to re-design their administration system (to offer the payments) is a virtual impossibility in a short period of time.”

Cuomo said he doesn’t trust FEMA, and doesn’t like the idea of the state doing business with them.

In order for New Yorkers to receive any extra funds Congress will need to come to terms on a new stimulus package.

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