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Using tents and canopies to spruce up outdoor living areas

Tents and canopies can be both attractive and useful for living areas outdoors. They add visual appeal at night or during the day. For example, you can add decorations on the interior or exterior of some types. Depending on the design, they may also block out the sun, wind, or rain. These are some examples of how you can use tents and canopies outdoors to improve living spaces.

In a Garden

Tents are easy to install. Some have attractive exterior designs, and this makes them ideal for gardens. Having a garden tent or canopy is especially helpful if you plan to change the layout of your garden in the future. Instead of installing a permanent gazebo, which may also be more prone to termite damage, you can install a tent or a canopy easily. Products like Ins’TenT custom canopies and tents let you enjoy the beauty and shade that you want for less than a permanent structure.

Near a Lake

If you live near a lake, pond, or river with a private beach, you can use a custom canopy or a tent to provide shade for a sitting area. You can also use it to cover small boats or water equipment temporarily. At night, you can add some lights and use it for a lovely lakeside gathering. Whether you want a simple canopy or an elaborate tent, there are plenty of custom size choices.

Over a Deck

Canopies are especially useful for decks. Installing a deck with a canopy is less expensive than building a covered or screened porch. Depending on the size and position, the awning may also help reduce rain exposure. There are several styles of tents and canopies that you can use on a deck to provide shade. Also, some have netted sides that help keep away mosquitoes on warm and humid evenings.

On a Patio

In addition to providing shade from the sun during the day, tents and canopies can be used for a variety of purposes. You may want to host a party, such as a bridal shower, a birthday party, or a celebration for another occasion in a larger tent. You can find tents with screens to keep away wasps, flies or other pests if you plan to have food.

Near a Pool

Canopies and tents for pools are especially useful if you like to host pool parties at your home. For example, you can set up a tent for the entire summer to keep pool supplies or to use as a changing room. If you prefer a canopy instead, you can set up lounge chairs, a bonfire pit, or anything else that you want under it. Also, if you have a hot tub outdoors, you may want to put up a canopy over it to provide shade during the day and a more inviting look at night. You can add a string of solar lights to the exterior edges for added ambiance at night.

There are plenty of other ways to use tents and canopies to spruce up your outdoor living spaces. Look at your property to see where you think a canopy or tent may provide an improvement. After that, you can look for products that fit your purpose. With custom sizes, you can also find the right fit for the space where you want to put a tent or a canopy.

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