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6 Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors When Hiring

Roof construction and replacement are complex tasks. Sooner or later, most homeowners have to hire a contractor. However, not every company should be trusted. It is a growing market, and the sheer number of offers may confuse you. We have compiled a list of vital questions to help evaluate a company’s trustworthiness.

A rule of thumb is to choose a local provider. Native referrals are important. For instance, the Pennsylvania roofing company complies with all state norms and regulations and has strong ties to local suppliers. Here are six questions you ought to ask first.

Can I see a copy of your license?

In most US states, unlicensed roofing services are punishable by law. A client has a right to see a copy of the document and run a check online.

Can I see a copy of your insurance certificate?

This should provide coverage for both employees and subcontractors. If a roofer gets injured, it could trigger legal action. Take preventative measures: check the insurance applies to such cases.

Do you guarantee compliance with safety norms?

Steer clear of contractors without a comprehensive safety policy. All staff must receive proper training, and industry standards must be followed to the letter.

Do you have an acquisition warranty?

Make sure their manufacturer warranty covers their acquisitions. Defects of roofing works may not be immediately visible. Sometimes, years pass before homeowners spot any flaws. Without an acquisition warranty, your only hope is that the firm will correct these willingly. Otherwise, significant costs are inevitable.

What is your BBB rating?

Better Business Bureau’s mission is to advance marketplace trust and help consumers weed out shady contractors. Naturally, the firm should have a decent rating, which is easy to check via the website. Just type in their name and run the search. If there is no match, or the result is disappointing, do not hire.

The highest possible rating is A+. One of such contractors for roof installation and replacement is Legacy Service USA LLC with the office on 95 James Way, Suite 100, Southampton, PA 18966. You can reach them on +1 267-961-7088.

Will you negotiate my insurance claim?

This question will help you identify fraudsters immediately. No contractor is entitled to handle claims on their clients’ behalf. Thus, a positive answer is clearly a red flag.

Final Words

Substandard roofing works cause myriad problems for homeowners. Avoid rash decisions and compare contractors meticulously. As the market is booming, it is easy to make a mistake. The range of colors and materials matters, but says nothing about performance.

Notice the company’s manner of communication. If you feel pushed to sign the contract as soon as possible, do not do it. Dubious contractors claim they are willing to accept any estimation from the insurance company. With a reliable firm, all figures are clarified before signing. It will also check the insurance adjuster has spotted all existing damages.

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