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Malls, gyms, casinos, and theaters not included in ‘Phase 4’ as guidance changes from original outline again

Malls, gyms, and movie theaters are not part of ‘Phase 4’.

That was the word that came down on Tuesday.

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy confirmed that he, and other local leaders received guidance from the Governor Office’s informing them that Phase Four will not include businesses such as Malls, Gyms, and Movie Theaters.

This news runs contrary to what state officials had been outlining for weeks, as those larger institutions were what predominantly made up ‘Phase 4’.

“They’re going to ease into it over time,” McCoy told WRGB. “It might be a week, it might be two days, might be a day, might be a month before that stuff starts to happen.”

Malls are desperate to reopen as stores inside lay dormant. The retail industry has already been unkind to these massive, sprawling structures.

Casinos are also not included in ‘Phase 4’ at the moment. Competing casinos to the del Lago Resort & Casino in Tyre, Seneca County have already reopened.