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What is the Asian handicap, and how to use it?

An Asian handicap is a form of spread betting football game where both teams get handicapped according to their form. For a punter to win, they must bet on the most potent team which will win with more goals. The system has its origin in Indonesia but has increased in popularity in the 21st century. The handicaps range from one quarter to increments of a quarter or half goals up to several goals.


Football is a game where a draw is a common outcome, and with traditional fixed odds, a draw is an additional outcome. When betters place a wager on either of the team, they lose, and the game draws. However, with Asian handicaps, a handicap is used to force a winner eliminating the chance of a draw. The situation is a 50-50 winning chance for each team.
The Asian handicap creates an environment of a more level betting between two teams that have been mismatched by handicap goals or points before kick-off. The underdog team, which is the less favored, is given a head start, and the favorite team which is likely to win is given a goal deficit.

How does the system operate?

The Asian handicap betting works by eliminating the draw outcome, reducing the total number from three to two. This type of betting simplification delivers two options that, in the end, each has a 50 percent success chance.
Handicaps can be either good or bad for bookmakers. By balancing the wagering amount on each side of the match or facilitating trading with parity handicaps, it helps bookmarkers minimize risk. However, Asian handicap markets offer low margins so they don’t contribute much to the gross win.
The system is straightforward, and the bookmarker aims at creating a line or handicap that makes either team win, considering that the handicap is close to 50% as possible. The fact that the odds are relative as possible to 50%, bookmakers offer even money payouts. Asian handicaps start at 1/4 goal to as high as three goals in those matches with a significant disparity in ability. One of the things that make Asian handicaps exciting is the application of quarter goals to get the handicap closest possible. In combination with the posted game total, the handicap predicts the final score for the game.

Asian Handicap betting markets
Asian Handicap betting markets are excellent for football traders who are searching for an option to the traditional 1X2. The market is, most of the time, viewed as too complicated, but once a punter realizes the concept, they get a new perception for football trading.

What are Asian Handicaps?
An Asian handicap in a football match, defined as the perceived difference in terms of quality between two opponents. The difference in perception is determined by several situational and dispositional factors such as prayer availability (injuries or suspensions), home-field advantage, financial strength, form, and historical performance.
Bookmakers and traders interpret all these factors, which represent their chance of success with odds for each team. That is how they calculate the implied probability of winning in the Asian handicap betting game.
Depending on how the two teams will perceive their abilities, the resulting difference can be significant, thereby leaving the favorite with little value hence minimal returns on the standard 1×2 markets.
The betting markets counteract the perception in ability bias by leveling the playground and not allowing the option of a draw. As a result, there are better odds. They do this by applying either a negative or a positive goal handicap to either side depending on which of the two teams is negative (favorite) or positive (underdog).

Level Asian handicap betting

This type of betting is offered in times when there is no perceived difference between the two teams’ abilities, which is when both teams start the game with zero goals. In the end, you are betting on the winner, so if the match ends level, you get a refund of your stake. The only difference is the removed draw, similar to a Draw No Bet market.

Quarter-goal or two-way handicaps

Most of the matches are handicapped in 1/2 and 1/4 intervals, and this eliminates the likelihood of a push given that no player can score a half goal. 1/4 goals split the bet equally between two half intervals. For instance, betting $500 at 11/2 and $500 at 2 with a handicap is the same as betting $1000. A 1/4 handicap bet can make you win and draw or lose and draw.
The better’s stake is divided equally and placed as separate bets, and this means a handicap point of 0 and 0.5 or 0 and 1/2. Half of the stake is on 0, and the other half is on the 0.5 handicaps.


Match: Manchester City vs. Everton
Handicap: Everton +1.0, +1.5
Explained: Half of your bets go on Everton, and either it loses by less than one goal, draws, or win the game. And, half on Everton to either lose by less than 1.5 goals, draw or win the game. If the score is Manchester City 1-0 Everton, then you would get a refund of half of your bet.

Whole handicaps and draws

In some events, a whole number is used, and the adjusted final score might result in a draw. But, this situation is a push and not a draw. When it comes to a push, all betters return their original wagers, and there is no winner. In the team results, a plus sign indicates more; for example, 2+ means two goals or more.

Placing a bet

The Asian handicap is a type of bet where you bet on the team that you think will win. However, you can spread your bet on both teams but take into account the nominated handicaps. You can adjust the nominated handicap, but take note of the handicap that is there when confirming your bet because it is the betting handicap regardless of the final offer. Asian Handicap is only available with Soccer, and an example is an Asian handicap at Sbobet and is resulted at the end of the 90 minutes.
• Depending on the line “handicap”, you may still win even still when the team you placed the bet on loses the game.
• When used in an accumulator, there are fewer possible outcomes, which increase the chance of winning.
• Elimination of a draw result increases the odds of winning.
• Fixed odds provide better odds for underdogs compared to Asian handicaps.
• Asian handicaps are hard to understand at first.
Asian Handicap Betting is a famous and very exciting football betting game with many seasoned punters. However, many punters speak about it, but only a few of them know what it entails, and fewer know how to use it. With the above guide, you now have all information regarding the Asian handicap and how to use it. whether you are a beginner or a pro, the Asian handicap is a game for everyone.

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