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SMI says it will make Q1 payment to Seneca Falls as part of host agreement

Seneca Meadows, Inc. says it will continue making host agreement payments to the Town of Seneca Falls amid the financial uncertainties of COVID-19.

The company announced that they would fulfill their end of the Host Community Agreement with the Town of Seneca Falls and present it with the first quarter payment under the terms of the partnership.

Company officials say the spirit of the partnership is to act in good faith, and that they will continue to perform within that spirit as they have for the last 19 years.

“The ongoing relief for taxpayers through the Host Community Agreement is essential and provides for approximately 30% of the town tax levy – taxes that would otherwise be paid by town of Seneca Falls taxpayers,” the company said in a press release.

“The millions of dollars in taxpayer relief that provides for public safety, recreation and town infrastructure each and every year will continue for as long as we have an agreement with the town,” said District Manager Kyle Black. “We will continue to work with the town, with the optimism that logic, reason and accountability will prevail for the benefit of all taxpayers,” he added.

Seneca Meadows contends that the economic impact of their company is $72 million. They contend that hundreds of jobs exist in the region because of the landfilling operation along Route 414.

As part of the jobs, the company continues to increase its capture of landfill gas, which is considered a green, renewable energy source, and is used to produce 18 megawatts of electricity and over 3000 cubic feet per minute of natural gas.

This process helps mitigate the potential for offsite odors. Residents have voiced concerns at local meetings about odors, but official odor complaints are down compared to prior highs.

Seneca Meadows is deemed essential under the NY on Pause guidelines, and continues to provide waste management services for the region and New York.

The company says they have been following CDC guidance for operating safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The news that SMI will make it’s first quarter payment will be a relief to some Town officials, as attorney’s for the company said they could stop if the Town Board did not approve a permit at a meeting earlier this month.