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NYS launches investigation into nursing homes to ensure COVID compliance

Nursing homes across New York State will soon face investigation as state leaders seek answers in ongoing, growing concerns around response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Thursday that the Department of Health and Attorney General’s Office would conduct a joint-investigation into nursing homes across the state.

For facilities that did not follow state mandated guidelines, it could mean a loss of license to operate.

In Monroe County facilities have been under fire for handling of COVID-19 cases. Ontario County has reported six nursing home deaths. But deaths won’t be the only thing investigated by the state.

Procedures will be investigated to ensure that facilities kept up with strict guidance connected to COVID-19.

Last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order requiring nursing homes to notify family members within 24 hours if there is a cse of death due to COVID-19 in a facility.

One of the Southern Tier’s hot spots – Hornell Gardens, which is operated by Hurlbut Community Care – drew criticism as it began seeing an uptick in cases. The facility accounts for nearly 50% of all COVID-related deaths in Steuben County.

A state-mandated plan moved those residents from that facility, whom did not have the virus to a nursing home in Seneca County.

That move drew criticism from local officials who were concerned about not being looped into the planning process.