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Seneca County begins releasing town-by-town data for COVID-19 cases

Officials are asking for members of the community in Seneca County to continue social distancing efforts, as the fight to contain the Novel Coronavirus continues.

“Now is not the time to become complacent, but is the time to stay committed to adhering to our social distancing efforts,” Board of Supervisors Chairman Bob Hayssen said.

Seneca County officials say they are doubling-down on efforts to encourage residents to continue maintaining physical distance from one another. They are also asking members of the public to wear masks while out in public and to practice good hygiene.

“We are working collaboratively with the Seneca County Office of Emergency Management, Seneca County United Way and the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce to provide and distribute cloth masks to members of the community and to essential workers,” Public Health Director Vickie Swinehart said. “We are also reminding our essential businesses to put social distancing policies in place at their work sites and businesses and to enforce those policies.”

Seneca County recently began releasing local data on positive COVID-19 cases. Town supervisors will use that information to guide them in their local decision making processes.

“We need to be mindful that due to the limited amount of testing being conducted in our region and due to a lack of testing supplies, reagents, and adherence to strict testing guidelines that our residents must also do their part and follow state and local recommendations to stay home and only go out for essential needs until more testing becomes available,” Hayssen added.

The Seneca County Health Department recommends resident continue to do the following:

– Stay at least 6 ft. apart while out in public;
– Wear a cloth mask or cloth face covering when in public if you are not able to remain 6ft. apart;
– Wash the mask every time you wear it and if you can’t wash it right away, seal it in a plastic bag until you can;
– Do not let the mask touch your eyes, nose, or mouth while you’re taking it off and then;
– Appoint one member of the household to do the shopping if possible;
– Be mindful and think of others when shopping and only buy what you need, save some for others;
– Shop for seniors and those with chronic medical conditions or if you are a senior or an individual with a chronic medical condition that puts you at greater risk adhere to the special shopping hours or inquire about deliveries and/or curbside pickup;
– Do not go out if you are sick; and
– If you are not feeling well contact your healthcare provider. They will guide you and are in the best position to determine if you should be seen or need to be tested for COVID-19.

Hayssen thanked the public for their patience during this difficult time. “I want to thank all of you for your patience. This has been a challenging time for all of us. We must remember that we are all in this together and by working together we can protect our most vulnerable citizens. If we stay home, we stay safe so we can come together again and enjoy all that Seneca County has to offer,” he concluded.

Check out the full-table below from Wednesday’s results: