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Unemployment system flooded with requests, state struggles to keep up with demand on website

New York is trying to keep up with demand — but that’s not easy.

Steps were taken last week to alleviate the unemployment problem — which cropped up after more than 500,000 visits in one day to the platform.

A Penfield resident shared her story with 13WHAM — discussing how it took approximately 73 calls to the State Labor Department to get through the process.

“I was just so relieved to be on hold, which is a funny thing to say,” she told 13WHAM. “But it was just knowing that someone on the other end of the line was going to help me.”

The Labor Department says there are roughly half a million people trying to file online every day, and nearly as many trying to do so over the phone.

The state has tried a new alphabetized system to help ease burden on the website, but that doesn’t appear to be helping in all cases.