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Advocates say New York should reduce threshold for DWI

Advocates around New York State are calling for a lower threshold for driving while intoxicated.

The current state limit is 0.08%.

Supporters want the state to lower the limit to 0.05%.

A bill was introduced into the Senate last year, and another similar bill has been in limbo in Albany since 2013.

Right now Utah is the only state in the U.S. with a DWI threshold of 0.05%.

Some say that a reduction like this one won’t have an impact on crashes.

“You notice that in discussing the statistics, they didn’t break down the number of crashes of people between .05 and .08 I believe that’s because it’s such a small percentage,” Scott Wexler told WHEC.

Meanwhile, advocates say the data tells a different story.

“The experience gained in nations that have reduced their threshold from .08 to .05 have resulted in 10% reduction in fatalities related to DWI,” John Liu said.