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Cuomo says he’s open to bail reform changes, but skeptical of ‘dangerousness’ clause

Governor Andrew Cuomo said he’s willing to consider changes to the cash bail reforms passed in 2019, which were implemented in recent weeks.

“Do I believe the reform is a work in progress? 100 percent,” Cuomo said at a press conference in New York City. “Am I open to changes? 100 percent.”

He’s skeptical that a ‘dangerousness’ standard is the fix New York needs, though. That skepticism is born in his uncertainty as to whether judges should be able to determine whether a defendant is too dangerous to be released.

That’s the kind of alteration some who oppose the cash bail changes are calling for. ​”The dangerousness standard basically takes us back to where we were,” Cuomo added at the press conference.

“You make one change and it has a ripple effect,” he continued. “You turn one gear and it affects a lot of other gears and many people get unhappy with the change. It takes a certain amount of courage to make change in the system.”

He has not yet endorsed any specific changes.

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