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Students learn about history, science with aid of VR headsets at Pal-Mac

One local school is using virtual reality technology to immerse students in a learning experience unlike a lot of others.

“I’m more of a visual learner,” said Ivan Reynolds, a 10th grader who spoke to RochesterFirst. “Being able to see the cells, and see how they work, the details of them is very helpful.”

Around a year ago the school got two dozen VR headsets. Director of Instructional Technology Chip Dolce says it’s a huge leap for education in a public school.

The headsets are paired with Google software that allows students to visually ‘tour’ different places in an 360-degree immersive way.

The goggles are shared throughout the school for a wide variety of subjects, according to RochesterFirst. They can go ‘inside’ the human brain to see how neurons work, or see a historical site overseas.

The only challenge so far, is contending with a little motion sickness for some students. But, that has mostly been addressed by having students with those challenges use the goggles while sitting down.

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